Mackenzie County Library Board 2016 Bursary Application


Students living in Mackenzie County can apply for the MCLB Bursary to support part-time or full-time studies.

The usual amount of the bursary is $1,000.00; however both the number and value of bursaries available each year may vary.

How to Apply

  1. Determine whether you are eligible:
    • Courses chosen for this bursary application must relate to library services.
    • Either student or immediate family must be living in the Mackenzie County.
    • Students enrolled in part-time studies will be eligible for a bursary prorated to the number of months studied compared to a full time program.
    • Must be enrolled in a post-secondary education or certified trade or on-line institution.
    • Must commit to live and work in the Mackenzie region for a six-month period upon graduation of post-secondary education for each bursary received.
    • Must be able to demonstrate commitment to community, education, and libraries.
  2. Download the application.