Our Library Board

Our Vision

To develop strong libraries that are dynamic community destinations for knowledge, inspiration, innovation and cultural awareness.

Our Mission

To enrich lives and communities through universal access to knowledge, lifelong learning and literacy.


Mackenzie County is located in the north-west corner of Alberta and is the largest Municipality in the Province.  It covers approximately 80,000 square kilometers, which is bigger that the Province of New Brunswick.  Total County population is 12,514 (Federal 2018 Census).

The Mackenzie County Library Board (MCLB) was jointly created by the Province and Mackenzie County on November 12, 1998. The MCLB has three libraries under their umbrella located in the Hamlets of Fort Vermilion, La Crete and Zama City, as well as a new extension-service point in Blue Hills that operates under the La Crete Library. Our large rural population, great distances between library service points, and a large non-county population make the delivery of library services a challenge.

In the fall of 2013 the Mackenzie County Library Consortium was formed, this enables our three libraries, and any new extension sites – like Blue Hills, and in partnership with High Level Library to offer a higher level of service to all our patrons. It eliminates jurisdiction issues of resident or non-resident, adds availability of our electronic services, inter-library loans between our libraries and additional regional events, programs and partnerships… all this rolled together provides our communities and citizens amazing library services!

Board of Trustees

The MCLB is made up of Council appointed representatives from across the region. The MCLB is made up of appointed members (trustees) from:

  •  2 from the La Crete Area
  •  2 from the Fort Vermilion Area
  •  1 from Rural High Level Area
  •  1 from the Zama Area
  •  1 from County Rural
  •  2 County Representatives

Our member terms are staggered. We have 3 year, 2 year, and 1 year terms. The allows continuity to the service provided to the region.

Current Mackenzie County Library Board as of County appointments in October 2019:

  • Beth Kappelar, Chair
  • Kayla Wardley, Vice Chair
  • Wally Schroeder, Secretary
  • Lorraine Peters, Treasurer
  • Sandra Neufeld
  • La Dawn Dachuk
  • Tamie McLean
  • Lisa Wardley
  • Cameron Cardinal

Are you interested in becoming a Trustee… 

  • Do you feel passionate about Library Services in the region?
  • Do you believe that you have skills that would assist in the deliverance of regional Library Services?
  • Would you like to be a member of a Board that works with the local Libraries to improve Library services in your area and across the region?
  • Are you a local Library patron who would like to do more for Library Services throughout the region?
  • Do you like to get involved, this is a working board and your skill set may be useful in improving library services?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then consider applying for a Trustee position on the Mackenzie County Library Board. The Mackenzie County Library Board, thru Mackenzie County, accepts applications for Trustee positions normally in the fall of each year. For more information on the Board please navigate through this site, or feel free to contact any of the trustees, you may also contact Mackenzie County at the Fort Vermilion Office.

If you wish to contact us by mail or email, please contact us at:

Mackenzie County Library Board
C/O Mackenzie County
P.O. Box 640 , Fort Vermilion AB , CA , T0H 1N0
Email: admin@mclboard.com 


The MCLB is ultimately responsible for Library Services in Mackenzie County; and for the best possible service to all patrons the MCLB holds Operating Agreements with the three local Library Societies. The Societies operate the Libraries on a day-to-day basis, follow Policy set by the MCLB, adhere to strict budget parameters and meets the needs of the individual communities they serve.

The MCLB also has a Partnership Agreement with the High Level Municipal Library.

In the Fall of 2013, the MCLB initiated the Mackenzie County Library Consortium (MCLC). This expanded service linked our libraries together for the first time, offer expanded services to all our patrons, and gave us the ability to explore larger scale partnerships.

What the future holds

The MCLB published plans in 2013 and 2019 which provide direction for the consortium and describe its objectives in 5 year increments. These plans for downloadable: