Fort Vermilion


Lots of daylight make a bright, relaxing room. The electric fireplace and two armchairs invite you to immediately sit down and pick up a book. Ask about our renting our program room.

Fort Vermilion Library was started in the 1930’s by Jessie Slade McGrew, as a traveling library.  The goal was to bring reading material to the people of the north.  The library moved around a bit from an individuals basement, to the Centennial Building and then to a dedicated community built library that opened in 1994.

The Library is located along River Road with a spectacular view of the Peace River.  Lots of natural light, a program room and rental space that houses Fort Vermilion Support Services.

The library is open 30 hours per week.  Our staff and volunteers which include community members as well as local Society Members are dedicated to provide quality library services to the community and beyond.

Tucked between the latest hot reads are first editions and books you will have to hunt to find anywhere else.


Walk into Fort Vermilion Community Library and you will notice one thing immediately, libraries aren’t dark and dingy places. Windows line all three exterior walls and the entryway, making for a bright, relaxing room. An electric fireplace with two armchairs invite you to immediately sit down and pick up a book.

The Library isn’t only a place to read, however. As a place of knowledge and learning, four public internet stations are well used and those who don’t want to wait for busy computer stations can bring their own laptops, tablets and e-readers and use the free wireless service.

As a library in an aboriginal community, Fort Vermilion Community Library also has a large Aboriginal Collection. Books on these shelves are written by aboriginal authors with topics ranging from sensitive issues like residential schools to fiction for children and youth.


The offers many programs and special events throughout the year.  Author tours, on-site special exhibits, off-site tours and opportunities to learn, crafts, reading programs and much more.


Membership is free.  Fees apply for some services as outlined below.


Over 18,000 in house items:

  • Books
  • Movies
  • Audio
  • Magazines
  • Newspapers
  • Large print
  • Aboriginal
  • English as a second language
  • Computer Use & WiFi
  • Printing & Photocopying
  • Fax & Scanning
  • Disc repair and cleaning
  • Laminating
  • Search our collection (and the whole MCLC collection) online!
  • Inter-library loans between our Libraries – Zama City, Fort Vermilion, La Crete
  • Free Music Downloads & Streaming
  • eBooks Lending
  • Learn Languages Online


With our stand alone building we are able to add to our operational revenue by renting out space. Our long-time partnership with Fort Vermilion Support Services has been beneficial to both parties. It is truly a one-stop shop for our Community!

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