The Mackenzie County Library Board, in conjunction with our local Library Societies, staff and volunteers strive to foster and develop strong libraries that are dynamic, community destinations for knowledge, inspiration, innovation, and cultural awareness.

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Welcome to Library Services in Mackenzie County! Our three libraries are located in the hamlets of Fort Vermilion, La Crete, and Zama City.  We have a new extension service point which is operated by the La Crete Library Society located in Blue Hills (space in the Motel)

The MCLB partners with High Level Municipal Library as the Town of High Level is a main service center for a large portion of our Municipality.

Enjoy the Library Anywhere, Anytime!

Mobile Apps

With you Library card from any of our libraries you can access our Electronic services from anywhere!  You can download or stream music, read eBooks, and learn a new language at home or anywhere with your mobile phone or tablet.  Watch in the near future for additional services such as online Magazines and AudioBooks being added to our electronic service line-up!  Enjoy your library anywhere, everywhere!

Browse All our Library Collections

Using Insignia you can browse and search each individual library or the the whole MCLC Collection with the click of a few buttons.  You can also place a hold, request an Inter-library loan or even renew your library books and movies.  The three library collections: Click here for just Fort Vermilion, Click here for just La Crete, and Click here for just Zama City.

Choose from any of our County Libraries and your selections will be shipped to your home library…then just visit to pick up your favorite books or movies!